Home Prep

Please Read Entirely

To ensure the highest quality and impactful architectural photography, it is expected that any property is photo-ready upon arrival.   While I'm happy to make minor adjustments for the best shots, it's not my responsibility to extensively organize, declutter, or clean the property. 

My quoted price is based on the expectation that the home will be photo-ready as outlined below.  I allocate 2 hours for a shoot, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. 

If on site longer than 2 hours due to excessive organizing, decluttering, or cleaning by myself of Client - there will be a charge based on my hourly rate of $250. 

By understanding these guidelines, we can ensure an efficient session that showcases your home's architectural beauty.


Decluttering  + Depersonalize 

Please ensure that all areas of the house are free from excessive clutter. Remove any unnecessary items, such as personal belongings, decorative pieces, and miscellaneous objects. 

A clean and clutter-free space allows the architectural features to take center stage.

While personal touches add warmth and character to a home, it's important to depersonalize the space for the photography session. Remove personal photographs, family portraits, and any items that may distract from highlighting the architectural details and overall design.


  • Move cars from driveway 
  • Close Garage Door
  • Close All Windows
  • Clear yard of debris, toys, seasonal decor, garden supplies, trash can
  • Tidy-up outdoor furniture -remove coverings if seasonally appropropriate


  • open shades & blinds 
  • turn on all lights & replace bulbs 
  • turn off all fans 
  • sweep/vacuum floors 
  • remove all soap, hygiene, cleaning products 
  • stow pet accessories & wastebaskets 
  • clear office / desk of personal items and paperwork
  • remove personal photos / minimize knick-knacks

Bathroom and Showers

* I will not move personal Hygiene Products

Ensure that all personal hygiene products, such as toiletries and bath accessories / soaps are removed from showers, countertops, and visible areas. 

Tidy up towels and bathrobes to maintain a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

Remove all bathroom mats


Prior to the shoot, remove all bathroom and floor mats throughout the house, including doormats and seasonal area rugs, to fully reveal and emphasize the flooring design. 

This will create a seamless visual flow and enhance the architectural elements of your space.

Countertops / All Rooms

To showcase clean lines and minimalism, please clear all countertops of unnecessary items, except for essential fixtures or elements that contribute to the architectural aesthetic. 

This will allow the focus to remain on the unique design elements of your space.

  • clear countertops 90%
  • remove any and all personal items
  • remove all personal hygiene products 
  • remove bulky oversized appliances
  • remove art from refrigerator
  • stow all food
  • remove paper towel racks
  • organize open shelving 
  • clear sink & stow drying rack
  • straighten dining chairs & stools
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